Public Relations

We don't believe in broadcasting the same message to everyone; we believe in a tailored, quality approach that builds trust and relationships with journalists and your customers.

To do this, we quickly get up to speed on what makes your business unique, whether it is the product, the people, the knowledge or a combination of these, we work out what matters to your customers and what keeps them coming back.

We also find out what you want to achieve and then tailor a communications programme, using a variety of techniques to help achieve your goal.

Typical techniques we use are social media, promotions, case studies, events, newsletters, media relations, research and branding.

Gray Matter PR is about delivering results, providing practical solutions to today's marketing needs, with lashings of common sense and a sprinkling of good humour. We will ensure you get good value for money and results you can be proud of.

The thinking consultancy

Results you can be proud of