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Monday 22nd July 2013

How much latent talent lies within?

Companies are as good as their talent, but how much does your talent really contribute outside of your organisation? Today’s PR is about content, sharing expertise with others to let them know your business has the best people in the industry. So much knowledge lies within an organisation, yet is it really maximised to its full potential? We can’t expect every senior member of staff to become a PR or marketing expert, yet their expertise is crucial to really good industry positioning. ... | Read More

Saturday 6th July 2013

A practical approach to measurement

A recent article in PR Week covered the AMEC Conference and the issue of measurement in PR. While the article tackled the lack of clarity around effective measurement in PR, criticising the meaningless PR jargon that surrounds the issue, it still lacked clarity around some of the simple forms of measurement that are available to all sizes and types of company. Measurement that doesn’t involve the CEO, sitting around the boardroom table and complicated methods of evaluation that involve co-o... | Read More