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How much latent talent lies within?

Companies are as good as their talent, but how much does your talent really contribute outside of your organisation? Today’s PR is about content, sharing expertise with others to let them know your business has the best people in the industry. So much knowledge lies within an organisation, yet is it really maximised to its full potential?

We can’t expect every senior member of staff to become a PR or marketing expert, yet their expertise is crucial to really good industry positioning. After all, your company isn’t just about shifting product, it’s about developing good relationships, demonstrating knowledge and service.

Take a bit of time out of the working day to share your expertise with a PR agent and you’ll be surprised at how much you know and how much extra benefit it can bring to your organisation.

Here are a few examples of how knowledge and experience can be turned into effective PR:

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Posted on Monday 22nd July 2013