What Risk Type are You?

PCL is a provider of psychometric tools and in 2010 it launched Risk Type Compass, a profiling tool which assesses a person’s attitude to risk.

Budget was limited and PR activity was restricted to just a couple of days per month, yet it became the driving force behind some industry-focused research and marketing activity, demonstrating how powerful PR content can be as part of an integrated programme. This campaign achieved good quality feature coverage both online and offline in 10 HR publications, 13 business media and 7 nationals and was recognised as a finalist in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards.

"Kimberley has been an asset to Transform Communications. She quickly gets up-to-speed with client activity and has an easy-going manner which makes it very easy to transition her towards a client-handling role. She quickly builds trust in her abilities and is self-motivated to get good coverage for our clients. She was full of ideas when it came to PCL and was an essential part in the development of their PR strategy. She is everything you need from a good freelancer." Veronica Hannon, Director. Transform Communications

"The PR programme for PCL has been a very effective door-opener for us. The material that has been developed as a result of the media relations programme has provided written material, speaker material and helped us to build our credibility as thought leaders in risk management. Since the media relations programme, we have built some very strong relationships with business partners such as University College of London (UCL) and the Institute of Risk Management and the Risk Type Compass has become an essential part of an accreditation for auditors. We continue to leverage our media coverage and the research as part of our sales process and it has helped to open doors in several global organisations." - Geoff Trickey, Managing Director. The Psychological Consultancy