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From DOS to social media

I’m at risk of showing my age here, but how PR has changed and how technology has completely transformed the way we work. My first foray into PR was in 1701…, seriously it was a long time ago, when mobile phones were for a chosen few and we worked on IBM DOS-based word processors, floppy disks and dot-matrix printers.

I remember joining a PR agency where only one computer had access to the Internet and we weren’t to be trusted having email available to every desk. If we wanted to find out about a company, there was no Internet, instead, we called in their corporate brochure and had to wait for it to arrive. Without email, we relied on snail mail or courier and all our projects were filed in job bags and popped in the filing cabinet.

Today, IT, the internet and mobile phones drive everything we do. Several years ago, many clients felt that online publishing would never catch on. PR was only credible if it appeared in print. Today, online publishing has a far greater influence and reach. Many publications have folded, yet transitioned successfully to an online media business.

Social media is going the same way. Our younger generation have been brought up in the social age, they see few boundaries to the media and spot opportunities easily - it’s our older generation that needs convincing. Our leaders and managers that control budgets have yet to see a genuine return on investment from the use of social media, but it’s coming and it’s measurable.

Those that started early and used it as just another media for communication have grown their followers, infiltrated other groups and developed a strong network of business contacts. Where we used to source a customer database, they have generated their own via social media and the good news is, it can be sustainable - it refreshes itself.

All the work put in by savvy companies in the early days is now paying off. They will be spending less on buying in customer databases, networking, marketing , travel and events, because eventually many of these things will be replaced by social media enterprise.

So where are you in this social media revolution? Are you watching it happen, or making it happen? Many casualties on the high street have died because they failed to truly grasp the power of internet shopping, until it was too late. Don’t let the same happen to you because you failed to see the long-term benefits that a good social media network will bring.

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Posted on Sunday 21st April 2013