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Are you getting the most out of your PR?

How do you use your PR? Is it part of an integrated programme or is it a silo, working independently, producing some coverage and that’s all?

I often hear from smaller companies who say they tried PR, but it hasn’t worked. That’s a great shame because in today’s world, content is King and the reality is they simply haven’t maximised PR to its full potential. PR shouldn’t just stop at coverage. Good coverage should be showcased across the organisation; in reception; used to add credibility as part of the sales process; and used on social media. All of this helps to build on an organisation’s credibility, engage employees, communicate with prospects and secure customer relationships.

PR can help support sales through the use of case studies, support marketing through the use of research, industry statistics, whitepapers, social media content, web content and event support.

So, if you want the full impact of PR, ring for an informal chat and we’ll soon have you thinking about how PR can work for you.

Posted on Thursday 1st August 2013