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Wednesday 29th May 2013

Use PR to drive people to your website

Today’s PR activity is more about content, content on company websites, social media, discussion forums and online media sites, with an ever-decreasing reliance on coverage in the printed media. With this change in PR focus, comes the opportunity to provide links back to a company website. So, why aren’t more companies leveraging this to a) provide evidence that PR is driving prospects to your organisation; b) to find out which content generates the most interest; ... | Read More

Monday 13th May 2013

Surveys with substance

The other day I received a piece of direct mail from a charity organisation. I won’t name and shame, but it was to do with our woodland. It was in the form of a survey, yet I couldn’t help thinking that they had completely missed out on a PR opportunity. You see all the questions were leading questions, which the author clearly felt would lead to a charitable donations, such as ‘are you concerned about building on our woodland?’ However, the questions had no substance and would pr... | Read More